Emergency Supplies for Earthquake Preparedness

Prepare for After the Storm

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Provided by Sentry Safe

When an emergency arises, you may be heading out of town, going to a shelter or holding down the fort at home, but there are things that are important to your family that you can protect today. Make sure you keep important items protected not only from the flood and fires, but from the burglaries that occur all too often thereafter. Not sure what you should be protecting? Here are some items that are important and irreplaceable to your family and home.

Banking documents

Do you have a checkbook, savings account passbook or key to a safe deposit box? These items are not only hard to replace, but important to keep safe from theft.

Important certificates and identification

Passports and birth, death and marriage certificates are hard to replace and important to your family. Social security cards are also hard to replace, and locking them up can help prevent identity theft. Also consider wills, power of attorney documentation and living will information as things to keep protected.

Medical records

Do you keep medical and dental records for your family? Do you have copies of everyone's health insurance cards and information? These are important to keep safe, especially during times of emergency.

Insurance policies and titles

If your home or vehicle suffers damage during the storm you'll need your insurance information for any claims you'll need to place. You will also need any car titles, registration, mortgage deeds and rental agreements.

Back-up files

SentrySafe products protect digital media. Consider backing up your music, video, photo and other files onto a disc, flash drive or portable hard drive.

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