Pick Lunch Over Dinner

Plan a daytime date. Lunch menus typically offer dinner entrees at lower prices.

Pack a Picnic

Create a picnic lunch and take a bike ride to your local park. Play your date's favorite tunes by bringing along an MP3 player and speakers.

Pick a Weekday

Many restaurants offer dining specials during weekdays. Arrive early to take advantage of happy-hour or early-bird prices.

Have a Cup of Joe

Head to a local coffeehouse. You might stumble upon a local band or improv show for great entertainment at little or no cost at all.

Cook Their Favorite Meal

Staying in and cooking will save you money and allow you to personalize the experience.

Indoor Picnic

Prepare an indoor picnic and movie night. Set up a blanket, add candles, and bring the outdoors inside for a night they'll remember.

Game Time

Host a game night and invite other couples over. Have each couple bring a dish, and enjoy an evening of friends, food and laughter.

Skate Date

Pack the gloves, and head to the rink. Afterward, stop by the local ice-cream parlor for a sweet treat.

The Kid Inside

Release your inner child. Take your date miniature golfing and visit an arcade afterward. Hit the pin-ball machines before challenging your date to a game of skee-ball.

Go Cosmic Bowling

This nighttime event is packed with black lights, glow-in-the-dark bowling and a high-energy dance beat. Order a pizza and pitcher, and strike a pose!