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What's Your Office Personality?
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Most offices are a melting pot of personality types. This quiz will help you figure out where your personality fits in.

  1. Your boss says he needs everyone to come in on Saturday to finish a big project. Your response is:
    1. "Let's finish this tonight!"
    2. Volunteer to bring the donuts and coffee
    3. Write out the agenda for what needs to get done
    4. Be the last one to leave Friday night and the first one in Saturday morning
  2. At the office holiday party, you were the guy:
    1. Ordering drinks for everyone
    2. Starting the conga line
    3. Making sure all of the food and drinks came out properly
    4. Dancing, schmoozing and helping with the post-party cleanup
  3. You're in line for a promotion. You think:
    1. You've got this
    2. All the candidates, including yourself, are good choices
    3. Be punctual, mind your posture, give a firm handshake
    4. Good thing you kept a record of all your ideas and solutions that the company has implemented
  4. Around the water cooler, you:
    1. Steer the conversation
    2. Say hello to all who walk by
    3. Think of more efficient places for the water cooler
    4. Get your drink and walk right back to your desk
  5. Your nickname at work is:
    1. T-Bone
    2. The Mayor
    3. Numbers
    4. Rocket

To determine your office personality, add up your score by giving yourself 1 point for every a. answer, 2 for every b., 3 for every c. and 4 for every d.

Alpha Male: You're top dog in your office. You lead the pack and are willing to take charge

Mr. Morale: You're engaging, personable and always positive about your environment.

The Facilitator: You're the straw that stirs the drink — and makes sure the drink is properly prepared.

Go-Getter: You're well-reasoned, ambitious and goal-oriented in all situations.

No matter your office personality is, you should always dress for success. Check out attire terms you should know.

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