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Beating the Bad-Boss Blues
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You finally found your dream job! The salary is great, the hours are ideal, and the benefits are fantastic. There's just one thing standing between you and total professional happiness: your boss.

While it may seem that the universe is playing a cruel trick on you, hang in there. Don't let one individual get the best of you. Here are a few tips on how you can beat the bad-boss blues and successfully take your career to the next level.

Get It in Writing

Avoid the "he said, she said" trap. Use email as the primary communication tool. This way if a mistake is made, you can keep your name clear and defend your choices and decisions.

Avoid One-on-One Conversation

If your boss is a beast, chances are he or she treats you differently in front of others. Use this to your advantage by only asking verbal questions when others are around or in staff meetings.

Play Offense

Maintain a good work ethic, be proactive and stay professional. No matter how bad your boss is, if you don't make a mistake, they can't nail you to the wall.

Keep Personal Private

Don't share details about your personal life with your boss. It's a good rule in general, but particularly so when you have an unpredictable boss.

Be Twice as Nice

This may not change your boss's behavior overall, but it's hard to be mean to someone who is constantly kind to you.

Write It Down

Keep a running document of how your boss has hindered your work process or treated you in an inappropriate manner. This can come in handy if you're ever asked to give feedback on your boss's managerial skills.

Request Evaluations

Ask to have quarterly written evaluations, and invite an impartial third-party team member to any face-to-face feedback sessions. Then, collect a few of your best evaluations, and use them to your advantage — perhaps a transfer to another department.

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