How to Get Rid of Wrinkles from Clothes
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As if doing the laundry wasn’t already a nuisance, you sometimes have to worry about your shirts and pants emerging from the dryer a wrinkly mess. You have several options to get rid of wrinkles, from breaking out your iron to simply acting fast and taking your clothing out of the dryer before it has time to wrinkle. Save time and wait until you have several garments before trying to remove wrinkles.

Step 1

Remove your clothing from the dryer the second it stops turning. Hang your pants, skirts, dresses and shirts from a hanger. Hang them in your closet and gently run your hands over the still warm clothes to smooth any wrinkles.

Step 2

Hang your garments on a hanger over an empty towel bar or hook in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. The steam from the shower will break up any wrinkles.

Step 3

Spray a wrinkle relaxer onto the wrinkles and gently tug on the fabric to smooth them out when you are in a hurry.

Step 4

Break out the iron for stubborn wrinkles or when you have a lot of wrinkled clothing to deal with. Iron the collar of dress shirts first, working from the center toward the tips of the collar. Then, iron the shirt’s shoulders by draping the shirt over the narrow end of the ironing board and pulling it so that the shoulder is taut against the end of the board. Flatten one sleeve at a time against the board and iron, then iron the front and back of the shirt. You may need to spray some water on the shirt to get out stubborn wrinkles. Iron pants by sliding one leg at a time over the board through the waistband.

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