Party-Planning Checklist for a Kid’s Birthday Party
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Prepare for your kid’s birthday party in advance by developing a party-planning checklist to keep you organized along the way. Whether you are planning a small, intimate gathering with close family or inviting all the kids in your child’s class, a written checklist can help you avoid forgetting essential details.

Pick a theme

Both toddlers and older children enjoy themes for their birthday parties based on their favorite music groups, hobbies, popular television shows or movies, cartoons and even their favorite colors. Sit down with your child to discuss the possible themes he’d like to use for his party.

Select a location

A kid’s birthday party may be held at various venues, depending on the theme, the child’s age and the season. Popular party locations include the park, pool and backyard, as well as at local restaurants, arcades and children’s activity centers. Pick a location that will hold the number of guests you plan to invite.

Guest list

Sit with your child to come up with a list of people he’d like to invite to his party. Include children and adults on the guest list, so you can get an accurate count of guests and plan the party menu properly. Collect email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses from parents. Ask your child’s teacher if there is a class list you can use to get the names of your child’s classmates. Your child can distribute invitations to his classmates at school, or you can distribute them to parents after school, if you don’t plan to invite your child’s entire class.

Design and send invitations

Plain and theme-specific invitations are available at party, discount and stationery stores. Choose invitations that incorporate the theme. If the party is based on a television character, include an image to help introduce guests to the party’s theme. Write the invitations using kid-friendly language. Let your child help you come up with a design for the invitations. For a cost-effective option, create invitations at home using art supplies or computer templates. ECards are both cost-effective and an eco-friendly option for decorating and sending invitations.

Plan the menu

Make a list that includes your child’s favorite foods and beverages as you come up with the menu. Include kid-friendly snacks, like fresh fruit, granola and yogurt. Use the list to remind you to shop for the food, prepare food and recruit friends and family members to bring their specialties, if requested by your child.

Choose decorations

Decorations help set the theme for kid’s parties, so it’s essential to include them on the checklist. Items like balloons, streamers, pinatas and posters of movie or television characters may all be used.

Determine games and activities

On your checklist, include ideas for games and activities children can play during the party. If you’re hiring a magician, character or other entertainment, include their names and contact information on the checklist.

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