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California Health Inspections:
Does Your Facility Measure Up?

Check out this very public restaurant-grading system.

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Tips for Exceptional Table Presentation

These helpful trade secrets can help take your table and food presentation up a notch.

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Surf-and-Turf Inspirations

New combinations of meat and fish can put a fresh twist on classic surf and turf.

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Food Trucks:
Competition or New Business?

Learn secrets of this growing trend from the innovators who are making it work.

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Social Media for Caterers

Learn how to make social media work for your company.

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Online Reviews Offer Challenges and Opportunities

Negative comments can be both frustrating and helpful. Use them as a way to improve your business.

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Safe Minimum Cooking Temperatures

Use this chart to make sure cooked foods reach a safe minimum temperature.

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Refrigerator & Freezer Storage Chart

Use this chart from the FDA to make sure food is stored safely and properly.

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Cooking Safely in the Microwave

Microwave cooking is more than just throwing in a dish and pushing “start.”

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