• Enjoy apps, movies, books and more
  • The same Galaxy experience, now bigger
  • It even doubles as a universal remote
  • Powerful tablet, beautiful display
  • Also available in 7" and 8" (coming soon)*
    *Specifications may vary by model / size.

Galaxy Tab™ 3 features

The Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 3 is packed with features designed to give you a chance to relax, to connect and engage with family, to keep you entertained, and to offer new conveniences in everyday life. It works a lot like your Galaxy smartphone, so there's nothing new to learn. Just start having fun.

The same Galaxy experience

You love your Galaxy smartphone. Now enjoy the same Galaxy experience on a tablet. You're already a Galaxy Tab™ 3 expert. Getting started on a Galaxy Tab™ 3 is a breeze. Comfortably switch back and forth from your Galaxy phone to your Galaxy Tab™ whenever. Your content is automatically in sync — wireless, fast and for free.

A powerful tablet doesn't have to be complicated

Enjoy your favorite tablet apps and activities on the Galaxy Tab™ 3. Search, explore, and buy online with fast web browsing. Stay connected with friends wherever you are. Download apps, catch up on email and more. It's fun and easy for the whole family.

Make the most of your downtime

The Galaxy Tab™ 3 is a universal remote control, toy box and bookshelf all-in-one! There's never a dull moment when you've got the Galaxy Tab™ 3 in hand.

Control, watch and share content with your TV

Unique features let your Tab control, watch and share content from your TV screen. SmartView streams your favorite shows from your TV to your Tab, so you never miss a second. Built-in IR Blaster turns your tablet into a universal remote helping you easily find your favorite shows. Multitask with your TV by changing channels, selecting movies and browse the Web all at the same time.

IR Blaster

The built-in IR Blaster turns your tablet into a universal remote, helping you easily find your
favorite shows.

Apps galore

With so many incredible applications available, you won't know where to start. Discover the largest collection of applications for your Galaxy Tab™ 3 with access to Google Play™ and Samsung Apps. Now you have the fastest-growing app store and apps designed just for the Galaxy, together on one device. With two app stores at your disposal, you're bound to find what you are looking for.

Dropbox™ 50GB free: Stay in sync

Your Galaxy Tab™ comes with 500GB free Dropbox storage for two years, a $100 value, so you can auto-sync to save and access your files from your tablet or any device.

Dual-core processor

The fast dual-core processor opens programs and web pages quickly and seamlessly.

Need more memory?

There's a slot for that. Nothing should limit or interrupt your enjoyment of the Galaxy Tab™ 3. That's why there is an included built-in microSD slot, which means you can keep your HD movies, photos, music, documents and almost anything else nearby and ready to go.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.