Push the boundaries on what you view and create on the new Samsung Galaxy Note® 10.1". With the innovative S Pen™ you can express creative ideas and increase productivity like never before.

Also available in Deep Grey 16GB and 32GB.


Use the Revolutionary S Pen™ to explore a world of creative possibilities. Edit photos as never before using Adobe® Photoshop® Touch. Design beautiful illustrations with variable brush weights and sizes. Create handwritten notes, memos and postcards. Highlight, draw fine details, thick bold lines or free-flowing strokes with remarkably accurate pressure sensitivity.

Pressure sensitivity

Highlight, draw fine details, thick bold lines or free-flowing strokes with remarkable accuracy.

Adobe® Photoshop® Touch

Edit photos like a professional with the S Pen™ and preloaded Adobe® Photoshop® Touch.

S Note™ templates

Quickly and easily create personal or professional documents like postcards, charts or graphs using the S Pen™.


Easily create and share notes and lists, or write directly on eBooks. Boost your productivity at home, school or the office by watching videos or reading articles simultaneously with Multiscreen and S Note™. Plus, you can write directly and highlight text on more than 150,000 e-textbooks.


Watch videos or read articles on one side of the screen while taking notes on the other.


Highlight and write directly on more than 150,000 e-textbooks.

Polaris Office

With S Pen™ and S Note™, easily take screenshots of pictures, charts or web content and simply drag and drop into PowerPoint.


Connect with friends and family by creating personalized messages and sharing handwritten notes and postcards, personal photos and more.

Personalized content

Screen-capture images, highlight and add your own notes.

AllShare Play

Share what you capture and create with family and friends.


Discover powerful performance and maximized storage capabilities. Enjoy the many benefits of a quad-core processor, Android™ 4.1 Jelly Bean and microSD™ card slot for expanded storage.

Quad-core processor

Blazing speed for fast browsing, on-the-fly image editing, file transfer and downloads.

Dropbox™ 50GB free: Stay in sync

Your Galaxy Note® comes with 50GB free Dropbox storage for two years, a $100 value, so you can auto-sync to save and access your files from your tablet or any device.


Conduct interactive meetings like never before — collaborate, walk-through and annotate slides in real time, on dozens of devices.

Pop Up Play

Place and view the video screen anywhere on the device while using any function.