• Breakthrough picture quality with LED technology
  • Fast response time
  • Perfect viewing from every angle
  • Watch Full 1080p HD video with HDMI

Breakthrough picture quality with LED technology

Samsung's LED monitors deliver a visually stunning picture quality that leaves you speechless. Just as you've seen in LED TVs, Samsung LED monitors make colors richer and the action more real than you've dreamt possible. Let the story come to life with vivid colors and crystal-clear detail.

Fast response time

With a response time of 2ms, you can be sure that your monitor will perform perfectly, even in the fastest-moving scenes. This stunning, seamless motion imaging presents movies, games and Internet-streamed content with precision and without the motion judder, blurring and ghosting that can occur on a slower monitor, allowing you to enjoy a completely immersive viewing experience.

Perfect viewing from every angle

Enjoy a rich, high-contrast image from various angles of view, whether you're viewing from straight on, above, below or the side. While the picture washes out on a normal monitor, Samsung MagicAngle offers consistently outstanding color and contrast.

Watch Full 1080p HD video with HDMI

Monitors aren't just for computers anymore. Now you can watch TV programs and movies, or play your game console on your monitor, too. Simply select a monitor with an HDMI port and connect it to your cable box, Blu-ray player, HD game system or any other device with an HDMI output. Best of all, you can connect your computer to a different video port (VGA) and switch back and forth without having to unplug anything. To switch between inputs, press the "Source" button on the monitor.

Rated EPEAT® Gold Standard

By meeting and exceeding the highest green standards, this product has been rated GOLD by the EPEAT®. The rating is based on the environmental impact in a complete product lifecycle, so consumers can easily match high-performance electronics with green benefits. Earning this top rating means this product surpasses standard green criteria by at least 75%.