• Vacuum tube and digital sound
  • Discover a world of web-connected entertainment
  • Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth®
  • Smart recommendations from your Smart Home Theater player
  • HDMI cable included

Smart Home Theater

Experience the next generation of groundbreaking Smart Home Theater with full web browsing, cutting-edge TV apps and much more to enhance the home theater experience.

Smart Hub

Smart Hub provides a single location for all of your favorite smart content, giving you easy and instant access to apps, photos, videos, web browsers and much more. It's the simplest way to explore a world of entertainment.


The S-Recommendation feature will allow you to get movie and TV recommendations tailored to your taste and preference automatically.

Samsung Apps

Discover a world of entertainment and access hundreds of apps* directly through your Smart Home Theater that let you stream music, movies, TV shows and more.

*Some apps may require additional fees or subscriptions. Internet access required.

Full web browser

Enjoy all of the benefits of full web browsing right on the big screen. Easily stream your favorite movies and TV shows, download apps, shop online, browse the Web, update your status on Facebook and Twitter, and more.

3D Blu-ray

Whether you are viewing a premium-quality 2D picture or seeing incredible 3D depth, images are breathtakingly real in Samsung Full HD. Combine with a 3D TV and 3D Active shutter glasses to view the latest Hollywood 3D titles.*

*3D TV, Active glasses and content required.

Vacuum Tube and Digital Sound

Enjoy a more lifelike experience with Vacuum Tube and Digital Sound. Hear your favorite music for the first time with the innovation of analog and digital sound combined. It creates a truer, more immersive sound that digital alone cannot replicate. Samsung has brought wonder to your eyes; now it's time for your ears

Woven glass fiber speakers

The Samsung Premium Speaker is the perfect complement to your high-end viewing experience with its unparalleled sound clarity. This sound system produces hi-fi sound quality thanks to its phase plug design and glass fiber material. The combination of these two features delivers improved sound depth and clarity.

Built-in Wi-Fi

With built-in Wi-Fi, no additional cables or wires are needed to connect to your wireless home network. You can wirelessly access Samsung Apps or other Smart Blu-ray features with ease. You can also sync and stream content to other DLNA-enabled PCs, smartphones, tablets and cameras via Samsung AllShare DLNA technology.*

*Internet access required.


Enjoy wireless connectivity with Bluetooth and stream your favorite audio content from your connected mobile devices.

AllShare Play

Samsung's AllShare Play enables you to wirelessly access and stream content from any compatible device, such as a PC or mobile device. You can also share movies, photos and music all through your Blu-ray Player. With the benefits of web storage, you can access and even share content when you're away from home.

Compatible mobile devices may vary by region. Cloud storage may require registration with a third party storage provider. Additional internet charges may apply.

AllShare Cast (WiDi 3.5)

Allows you to easily share content on your portable device with others by watching it on TV. By connecting your portable device wirelessly to the Blu-ray player, you can now send the image to the TV via the HDMI connection and share it with the rest of the room.

Smart Volume

Lets you set the product so the volume remains stable when a scene change occurs or when you change the channel. Also minimizes the change in volume that may occur when a commercial comes on.

DTS Neo Fusion

DTS Neo Fusion combines Samsung 3D Sound Plus and DTS Neo Ultra to give a more effective vertical surround effect in 7.1 applications, as well as a virtual 7.1 vertical effect in 5.1 applications.

3D Sound Plus with Vertical Surround

Take your 3D viewing experience to a whole new level with the full sound of 3D Sound Plus with Vertical Surround. By analyzing the depth of the 3D image, 3D Sound Plus synchronizes the sound to match the motion and depth of the image, while giving you a fully immersive 3D experience.


Simplify the installation of your Audiobar by eliminating the need for a wired connection between the TV and Audiobar. Simply plug the main bar and the subwoofer into AC power and follow the simple directions to wirelessly connect your Audiobar to select Samsung TVs.*

*SoundShare is only available for select Samsung 3D TVs. 2013 LED Series 6400 or higher and PDP Series 5500 or higher. 2012 LED Series 6500 or higher and PDP Series 550 or higher.

Crystal Amplifier Plus

Samsung Crystal Amplifier Plus filters sound sources twice to minimize distortion and produce clear audio that sounds exactly the way it was meant to be heard.


With Samsung's Anynet+ you'll enjoy one-touch control for all your HDMI-connected compatible devices like your Samsung TV, Blu-ray Disc Player, AV Receiver and Home Theater.

Wireless Rear Speaker Module

No more trying to hide wires from the front of the room to the rear to enjoy theater quality sound effects. Simply place the wireless rear module in the back of the room with access to AC power. Connect your rear channel speakers to the module and you're ready for surround sound.


Get superior picture and sound from your HD source. The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a digital connection that can transmit HD video and audio over a single cable. Use it to optimize the image quality when you connect your TV to high-definition sources such as an HD cable TV, a satellite receiver or a Blu-ray player. It also features CEC capability, so you can use a remote control handset.

BD Wise™ Web 3.0

Enjoy optimized audio playback and less power consumption with BD Wise™ 3.0. BD Wise™ 3.0 automatically shuts off the TV screen when you're only listening to audio through the AV player.*

*2013 Samsung TV and 2013 Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player required. Performance, specifications and compatible devices may vary by region.


With exposed glass fiber speakers, and the warm glow of the visible vacuum tubes, the result is a Home Entertainment System that creates a seamless harmony between sound and design.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.