• Share your best photos instantly with family and friends with built-in WiFi
  • Experience intuitive photo-editing software, right from the camera
  • Get the best shots, from far away or up close with an 18x optical zoom
  • Easily transfer photos wirelessly to your PC, smartphone or Microsoft SkyDrive

Share your best photos instantly with family and friends with built-in WiFi

The WB150F Samsung Smart Camera uses a powerful 18x optical zoom to take brilliant photos that you will want to share instantly with family and friends. Using the camera's built-in wireless functionality, you can upload high-quality photos to social networking sites and seamlessly sync your camera to other Smart devices (TV, phone and tablet). Plus, you can easily transfer all of your memories to your computer, smartphone or Microsoft SkyDrive with the touch of a button.

Use your phone to control your camera

Control your camera — even from 30 feet away — by using your smartphone as the viewfinder. Available for select smartphones, the Remote Viewfinder app lets you preview images, adjust the camera settings, zoom in and out, frame the scene and tag the shot with the location — all from your phone, wirelessly. Take the perfect group shot every time, even when you're in it.

Email memories directly from your camera

There are times when you want to selectively share images — like a beautiful photo with your spouse. You can wirelessly email content directly from the camera to anybody with an email account. You can also include a few words of your own along with the image too.

Never lose your valuable memories

With a cloud-based storage service, you'll never run out of room in your memory card or lose your valuable pictures — even on the go. Wirelessly save images to Samsung cloud services, Mobile Link and Microsoft SkyDrive, then view them anytime on your smartphone or tablet. Even download them to your PC later.

Capture it. AllShare™ it. Enjoy it.

Relive your tropical island vacation on your HDTV the second you return home without fussing with cables. Samsung TV Link lets you tap into your home network to wirelessly stream photos and movies directly from your camera to your HDTV, laptop and other DLNA Certified® devices. Let the show begin — immediately.

Share beyond wires. Share beyond hotspots.

At home or on the go, wirelessly send images or videos to a smartphone or tablet, or share on a Smart TV — even when you're not near a WiFi hotspot. Samsung WiFi-enabled cameras feature WiFi Direct, a functionality that lets you transfer images on Samsung WiFi Direct-enabled devices within range. No additional app is needed.

Get the best shots, from far away or up close with the 18x optical zoom

Featuring a 24mm ultra-wide-angle lens that sees what you see, the WB150F fits the big picture into the frame. With its 24x Smart Zoom feature (18x optical zoom), it also brings the intimate details closer, so you can capture far away moments with ease. Whether it's a wide-open vista or a detailed close-up, the WB150F lets you get the shots you want.

HD movie recording

Record movies in the palm of your hand. With HD movie recording you can capture video in 720p resolution at 30 frames per second.

14MP CCD sensor delivers brighter and clearer images

The 1/2.3" CCD sensor in the WB150F offers unrivaled sensitivity (max ISO 3200/full resolution) to deliver high-quality, low-noise images regardless of lighting conditions.

Dual Image Stabilization keeps your photos steady

With the built-in Dual Image Stabilizer, taking crisp, clear photos has never been easier. The Dual Image Stabilization system works by eliminating the blur caused by camera shake and delivers clear, crisp images every time, even under difficult lighting situations. By combining the lens shift mechanisms of Optical Image Stabilization with the sophisticated algorithms of Digital Image Stabilization, the Samsung camera's Dual IS delivers the very best quality images, eliminating blur while providing outstanding exposure control.

Choose your settings with Full Manual Control

For the knowledgeable photographer, some moments — like a bride and a groom's first kiss — are too special to leave on Auto Mode. Choose your settings with Full Manual Control always "on" to choose the perfect setting for that perfect moment. Aperture Priority lets you see the aperture up to 8 steps while the camera selects a shutter speed; or set Shutter Priority and the WB150 will find the right aperture. Want to set both? Opt for Manual Mode.

Smart Auto 2.0

Smart Auto 2.0 turns memories into professional-style results. Smart Auto 2.0 (still and movie) analyzes key elements in the photograph and automatically adjusts its 16 photo modes and 4 movie modes to take the best shot.

Smart Filter 3.0

Boost creative fun with Smart Filter 3.0 — right on the display! Cartoon Filter makes any photo look like an animated film scene while Cross Filter makes light sources appear to have several points of light, like stars. Plus, Zooming Shot adds motion lines to make it look like you're speeding towards your subject. There's also Water Paint, Oil Painting, Half Tone Dot and many more ways for you to express your creative side.

3.0" LCD Screen

The 3.0" TFT LCD Screen provides improved contrast and color, letting you enjoy a wider and clearer image. The screen's brightness automatically detects environmental lighting and adjusts the LCD brightness for optimal image viewing.

Magic Frame

Make a portrait look like an antique, or put your face on the moon — Magic Frame's 12 background templates offer lots of picture-taking enjoyment.

Panoramic views

Want to effortlessly shoot panoramic images? Your range of options just got wider. Simply press the shutter and sweep your camera across a vast mountain range. Live Panorama lets you preview your mountainscape — so you'll know that you've captured every mountain peak before taking the shot.