Non-stop from mobile device to printer

Whether it's a boarding pass, a movie ticket or a photo of the grandkids, sometimes there's just no substitute for an old-fashioned printout. But when that content is on a mobile device, printing it can be a hassle. Not anymore. With Samsung's MobilePrint app you can send emails, Web pages, maps, photos and Office documents directly to Samsung wireless printers without booting up your PC, a terrific timesaver when you're running late.

MobilePrint is available as a free download from the Android Market™, and comes standard with all new Samsung Galaxy Tabs. There's no need to upgrade your hardware: The application is compatible with all new and existing Samsung wireless printers.

One click and you're done

MobilePrint couldn't be simpler: Once installed, the application detects any Samsung wireless printer nearby that is connected via Wi-Fi or a network link. Once the printer is detected, your work is just about done: You can print directly to that printer with the click of a button — no driver installation or network configuration required.*

MobilePrint is more than a one-way connection to the printer. With MobilePrint, data goes both ways: You can use the scanner on Samsung multifunction wireless printers to turn paper documents into electronic ones, even if the printer is not connected to a PC. Just scan the document and tell MobilePrint to beam it to your smartphone or tablet. You then can review and edit the document on your mobile device. MobilePrint supports the printer's native image quality and file type settings (JPG, PDF, etc.) and lets you choose between creating color or black-and-white scans.

Ideal for mobile shutterbugs

The occasional print job is just the beginning. MobilePrint brings a new dimension to mobile photography by letting you quickly select and print multiple images simultaneously. Use MobilePrint to browse your Samsung device's photo gallery and check off the images you'd like to print. Presto: They all zip to your printer in a single batch. And because MobilePrint allows for file editing on the fly, you can tweak the image before you print.

Best of all, the app is free to download and easy to get via the Android Market. Just bring your phone and get busy printing.

*Performance subject to your Wi-Fi limitations.