All light is not created equal. Take the sources that light up your monitor: conventional light source technology, CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) does a good job, but it can have drawbacks. Because you need room for both the lamps and a reflector, it takes up a lot of space. The limited lifespan means money you'll have to spend on replacements, and since CCFLs span the entire width of the screen, control over contrast ratio is difficult — so you won't get the best picture possible.

LED backlighting, however, is a newer technology that delivers benefits while conserving energy, space and even the environment. Samsung's LED monitors are brilliant examples of this advanced technology's many advantages.

See the difference with your own eyes

LED monitors ensure that picture quality is nearly perfect for watching movies in full HD, playing the hottest games and working on presentations. Because LED lights are locally dimmed, you can dim certain areas of the screen while keeping other areas bright. The result is a higher contrast ratio, which creates a better picture and energy savings. The Samsung LED backlit EX2220X monitor, for instance, boasts a 5,000,000:1 mega dynamic contrast ratio for an amazingly sharp and clear picture. This series features remarkable response times (as fast as two milliseconds), so it can keep up with the fast-moving graphics and video elements of the latest games. Its stellar images make it perfect for watching the latest blockbuster, or polishing a business presentation.

Make a positive environmental impact

LED monitors such as the EX2220X represent some of the best models for saving energy and truly being environmentally responsible. They're extremely energy-efficient, using 30 to 50 percent less power than conventional monitors. And unlike CCFLs, LED-lit monitors contain no mercury, halogen or lead. That makes them safe for the environment when the time eventually comes to recycle them. The well-crafted design is slimmer and lighter than conventional monitors, which saves materials and makes them easier to disassemble. Further, the EX2220X has earned ENERGY STAR® certification and TCO 5.0 certification, and is rated "Gold" by EPEAT.

With exceptional performance, complete reliability and eco-friendly design, it doesn't get better than this.