Samsung's VUDU app delivers the movies you want to see, the way they were meant to be seen. VUDU's state-of-the-art technology immerses you in Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound and amazing HDX 1080p True Digital picture quality — the highest-quality high-definition content available on demand.

Browse the latest on-demand HD movies and stream them right to your Samsung Smart TV, Blu-ray Player or Home Theater System. Catch new releases the same day they're out on DVD, check out all the movies by your favorite directors and actors, and let VUDU's exclusive onscreen Rotten Tomatoes ratings help you make the best picks without having to hunt for reviews online.

VUDU gives you everything you need for the perfect get-together or family movie night, whether you're in the mood for a chick-flick marathon, something to entertain kids and grownups alike, or an at-home themed film festival. Plus with VUDU, you can enjoy the freedom of paying only for what you watch, no subscription required. Discover the ultimate movie experience, now playing on demand, right at home.

VUDU app facts

  • Enormous collection of HD movies available on demand
  • Stunning HDX 1080p True Digital picture quality
  • Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound
  • Optimized for larger HDTVs (40" and over) and home theater screens
  • Search for movies from your favorite directors, actors and genre
  • VUDU-exclusive onscreen Rotten Tomatoes ratings
  • Movies available to rent or to buy
  • FREE to download (VUDU rental and purchase charges apply)

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The VUDU app is available on these Samsung Smart TVs, Blu-ray Players and Home Theater Systems. Or click here to find apps that are compatible with your Samsung device.

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