Vacuum tube amplifiers

A classic sound

Full-bodied harmonies that envelop your ears. A wave of sound so,
life-like, you feel like you’re in the recording studio. It’s the
combination of analog and digital, and Samsung has set the stage
for its comeback.*

A musical masterpiece

Vacuum tube digital amplifiers

Now give your digital music the best of both worlds — clarity and warmth. By combining the natural, rich sound of analog tubes with the power and efficiency of a digital amplifier, your music plays fuller ranges with no active-induced clipping and nearly no distortion.

Hi-Fi heightened

Glass fiber speakers

It’s studio-like sound quality right in your home. Glass fiber speakers seamlessly collaborate with the vacuum tube and digital amplifiers giving your music amazing depth and clarity.

Rich, warm harmonies

Analog vacuum tubes

Immerse yourself with an incredible high-fidelity sound. For over 60 years,
analog vacuum tubes have had a loyal following due to their ability to
produce a warm sound that stays true to the music.