If you have a Smart Camera, you’ve probably experimented with the email feature a bit already. But you can do a lot more than simply send one photo at a time to yourself or a friend. Check out these tips to Learn more about using the email function in your Smart Camera:

  • Email the group: You can email up to 30 recipients at once using the built-in email system. Just use the + icon to add additional recipients while you’re filling out the “to” field. Remember: Your camera stores frequently used email addresses for future use, so you only need to type them in the first time.
  • Email multiple photos: You don’t have to send pictures one at a time. After you’ve selected your recipients, you can choose up to 20 photos to send in a single email, as long as the total is 10MB or less. Each picture can be as large as 2MB. If a shot exceeds that limit, don’t worry. Your camera will automatically resize it for you — or you can resize it yourself by selecting the Resize option on the Playback mode menu.
  • Let recipients know who’s doing the sending: Your camera is set up with a default email address, but you can personalize this easily. Just select the Wi-Fi function, tap (or select) the email icon, then browse to Menu > Sender Setting. Simply add your own name and email address and hit OK.
  • Add an email password: Share your camera with other family members? Lock down photo emailing by adding a password. Relatives can still snap pictures, but only you can share them via email. To add a password, select Change Password from the email menu. If you ever forget it, you can always reset it on this screen. (Be careful, though. Resetting the password will also delete any user information stored on the camera, including the list of email addresses you’ve recently used.)

Emailing photos tips and tricks

Not sure when emailing photos might be the best way to share? Check out these ideas.

  • Pre-party: You don’t have to wait until the party’s in full swing to put your camera to use. Snap a reminder video or picture of something enticing (the punch bowl?) and email it to your guest list before the event.
  • Not everyone’s on Facebook: Posting pictures on a social network may leave some people out. Use email when you want to ensure that everyone gets to be part of the experience.
  • The shareable, pocket photo album: How many times have you handed your camera to someone else so they can scroll through the pictures on their own? If they saw something they wanted a copy of, they’d have to wait until you got home to send it to them from your computer — if you remembered. With email sharing, simply send the picture while the camera’s in your hand.
  • Digital undo: It makes sense to keep your personal life and work life separate, but that can make it hard to share photos if you have business colleagues as friends on Facebook or other social networks. Instead of uploading everything to Facebook, simply email the photos to friends who’d appreciate a reminder of the night, then delete the digital files for good.
  • An instant greeting card: You can add personalized text to a photo or video, which makes it perfect for sending a customized card on a friend’s birthday. And best of all, it’s a card where the artwork is provided by you.

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