Before you start

Here are a few things to keep in mind: Don't try to mount your television alone; ask a friend to help, especially with larger screen sizes. Read all instructions thoroughly. Don't over-tighten screws. You might want to watch this short video to see how it's done.

The first step is to make sure you have the right mounting hardware for the television you own. Samsung offers three versions of the Ultra Slim Wall Mount: WMN2000C, WMN2000B and WMN250M.

In addition to the mounting hardware, gather a Phillips-head screwdriver and a hammer. If you're mounting on drywall or wood, you'll need a power drill with a 13mm bit. If you have brick or concrete walls, a 9mm bit is best.

Improper wall mounting of your TV can lead to damaged or broken property or injury. If at any time you are unable to or do not feel confident that you can complete any step in this guide, then stop immediately. Place the TV in a safe location and contact a professional.

Preparing the television

Gently lay the TV face-down on a soft surface, preferably the top of the Styrofoam packing insert used to support the front of the television. Otherwise try a soft blanket.

Follow these steps only if your television is attached to a pedestal.

  • Pull the rear plastic cover from the TV to reveal the screws attaching the pedestal to the television.
  • Using your screwdriver, loosen and remove the screws holding the pedestal to the TV.
  • With the pedestal removed, loosen and remove the four mounting stud caps from the back of the TV. This can be done by hand.
  • Now attach the mounting studs included in the mounting kit to the back of the TV by screwing them into the holes.
  • On the bottom of the pedestal you removed, find 10 screws: eight along the edge and two in the middle. Remove them to detach the connection panel from the pedestal.
  • Align the connection panel with the mounting studs on the back of the TV, ensuring the holes line up. Use eight of the screws to secure the connection panel to the back of the TV via the mounting studs. Use a hand screwdriver for this step to avoid over-tightening.

Preparing the wall

Measure and mark the wall where you would like to mount the television. For drywall and wooden walls, use a 13mm drill bit to bore two small pilot holes. For concrete and brick walls, use a 9mm bit.

Hammer concrete anchors into the holes. Now insert the screw holder into the wall, align the tips, and push the cap forward into the wall. Remove the screw holder handles by tearing them out. At least one wall mount should be attached to a stud. If possible, attach both wall mounts to studs.

Screw the wall-mount bases into the holes and tighten. Place the wall mount caps over the exposed bases.

Installing the hardware

Remove the two screws on the Ultra Slim Wire Mount bar on the back of the TV, and then attach the Ultra Slim Wire Mount discs using these screws. Tighten the wire between the two mounting discs by turning the knobs. Attach the two kickstands to the back of the TV using the provided screws. (You'll use the kickstand to access cable jacks; be sure to close it after you've made the connections.) The mounting hardware is now installed.

Mounting the TV

Now you're ready to hang the television on the wall mounts. Does the mounting wire wrap fully around the wall-mount discs? If so, you're finished. Plug in your TV, connect it to other sources, and enjoy a great viewing experience. You deserve it.

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