Previously, motion clarity was expressed simply by the panel refresh rate, measured in hertz. Samsung's more comprehensive Clear Motion Rate takes into account all three factors that contribute to motion clarity: panel refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight technology.

It's world-class motion clarity that lets you read the name on the jersey of a player running at top speed, detect tiny details in a rapid-fire video game and capture every bit of the action in the most dynamic car chase.

CMR is Samsung's more comprehensive and accurate measure for TV motion clarity. With their outstanding CMR ratings, it's no wonder Samsung TVs deliver extraordinary image quality.

The three keys to world-class motion clarity:

  • Panel refresh rate: Samsung's screen refresh rate significantly improves motion detail and resolution by sampling the image more frequently, leading to smoother, more fluid movement.
  • Image processor: Samsung's proprietary image processing technology is faster and more responsive than conventional image processors, as it interpolates intermediate frames to smooth out the image.
  • Backlight technology: Samsung's backlight regulates output precisely in synchronization with the screen refresh to lessen the time it is lit, reducing ghosting and motion blur.