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Sam's Club Tire Finder

Finding the tires that fit your vehicle is the first step to rolling home happy. The Sam's Club Tire Finder tool takes the guesswork out of tire sizing by finding the exact fitment for your vehicle.

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Tire Buying Guide

With so many tire sizes and styles available, it can be difficult to decide which set of tires is best for your vehicle. That's why Sam's Club created this handy Tire Buying Guide. It covers the top four things you need to consider before making your tire purchase.

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Why Goodyear at Sam's Club?

Enjoy a superior value every day on Goodyear tires! Sam's Club Installation Package includes tire mounting, valve stems, lifetime tire balance, rotation and flat repair. Also, 24-hour emergency roadside tire service, road hazard protection, and waste tire disposal.

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NewGoodyear Assurance® WeatherReady

Predictable Control In Every Season

The latest in Weather Reactive Technology with Evolving Traction® Grooves transition from deep grooves to wide grooves to help displace water on the road, plus advanced 3D Treadlock® Technology Blades for confident grip on tight turns in any weather.

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Assurance® ComforTred® Touring

All-Season Traction with A Smooth Ride And Refined Handling

Deluxe tire with 20% more cushion that outperforms the leading competitor in ride comfort.1 Plus, features Dual Comfort Zones in the tread and sidewall for unparalleled handling on the road.

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Assurance® Fuel Max®

All-Season Traction With Enhanced Fuel Savings

Save up to 2,600 miles or 4,000 kilometers worth of gas over the life of four tires,2 plus a Wet Tread Zone that has Dual Aquachannel® Grooves designed to promptly evacuate water.

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Assurance® All-Season

Confident All-Season Traction

A practical tire that helps provide reliable traction in wet, dry and snowy conditions, along with multiple biting edges, wide tread grooves, large stable shoulder blocks and an optimized tread pattern that reduces noise for a quiet ride.

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Wrangler® Fortitude HT®

Strong, Quiet Tire With Confident Traction

A reliable tire designed with a long-lasting tread life, wide circumferential grooves and full-depth sipes that help provide confident traction through wet, dry and snowy conditions.

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Wrangler® all-terrain ADventure with Kevlar®

A Quiet On-Road Drive With Ability To Go Off-Road

Includes a layer of DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber for rugged strength through any terrain, plus Durawall® Technology that helps protect against cuts and punctures in your sidewall.

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Wrangler® Trail Runner AT®

Hardworking Tire For On- And Off-Road Performance

Tough and dependable tire that features large interlocking tread blocks to help deliver strong on- and off-road durability, plus saw-tooth block edges and multi-angle sipes that offer reliable all-season traction on both city and country roads.

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Wrangler® SR-A®

Trusted Tire Offering A Smooth, Quiet Ride

Zigzag microgrooves for enhanced traction in rain, snow and ice, along with wide circumferential grooves that move water away from the tread on wet roads.

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Wrangler® DuraTrac®

Long-lasting Workhorse Tire For Tough Off-Road Terrain And Snow

TractiveGroove Technology® for enhanced traction in deep mud and snow, plus self-cleaning shoulder blocks, highly angled center tread blocks and a rim protector that helps safeguard the wheels from curb damage.

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Wrangler® MTR® with Kevlar®

Extreme Off-Road Expedition Tire

A high-caliber tire with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber to reduce sidewall punctures by 35% and Durawall® Technology that helps resist punctures when powering over rocks, mud and sand.

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Goodyear EndUrance®

Dependable trailer tire helps you tow with confidence

Durawall® Technology helps resist sidewall cuts and punctures, plus the tire offers a scuff guard for added sidewall protection and a decoupling groove to help keep the tire cool even when towing heavy loads.

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Superior responsiveness with a dual-zone asymmetric tread pattern that helps shed water and slush for enhanced grip on dry, wet and snowy roads.

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Eagle® Sport All-Season

Enhanced Responsive Handling And Strong Grip In All Seasons

A powerful sport performance tire that offers enhanced responsive handling and strong grip in all conditions, plus a proven tread pattern in both wet and dry conditions.

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Eagle RS-A®

Quality Performance For All Seasons

A unique asymmetric design helps provide enhanced traction and superb cornering, plus aggressive shoulder blocks with wide lateral grooves offer confident handling in wet, dry or snowy conditions.

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Eagle® LS/LS-2

Quality Performance For A Smooth, Quiet Ride

Wide circumferential grooves help evacuate water from beneath the tread, plus a special tread block sequence helps enhance both handling and traction for confident cornering in any season.

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Ultra Grip® Ice

Superb winter traction especially on ice

Increased blade density helps reinforce a solid grip on the road, plus the tire offers long-lasting treadwear and heavy shoulder blocks for confident handling.

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Ultra Grip® Winter

Confident Traction And Strong Grip In Slippery Winter Conditions

A quality winter tire that stops six feet shorter in snow than a leading competitor7, with directional tread pattern, multiple biting edges and wide tread grooves that help push snow and slush away.

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