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Set Up a Streaming
Audio System

Stream music from computers, smartphones and tablets to your home theater system.

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TV Buying Guide:
How to Buy a TV

Find your way around the latest technologies to select a TV that's right for you.

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How to Choose the Best Gaming TV for You

Find the five most important features in an HDTV if you're a serious gamer.

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Blu-ray 101

Find everything you need to know about the newest players.

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How to Choose a
Sound Bar

Sound bars are easy to set up and don’t clutter up the living room. Here’s what to look for when you shop.

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LCD vs. Plasma TVs

Plasma or LCD? Here’s what you need to know to find the HDTV for you.

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Ditch Cable and Get
TV from the Internet

Save money without sacrificing the TV shows
you love.

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Pick a 3D TV

Are you thinking about taking your in home entertainment experience to the next level?

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Must-Have TV Accessories

Make sure your TV is ready for showtime.

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Ultimate Surround
Sound Guide:
Different Formats Explained

Turn up your understanding of home theater audio.

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How to Set Up Your Wireless Home Theater

If only you could tame the wild tangle of wires behind your TV.

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Stand Out in 3D

Learn how to add the newest technology to your vacation videos.

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Stream It All

Set up streaming on your TV.

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