Tempt customers at the register with eight shelves stocked full of their favorite candy brands to encourage those impulse purchases.

Gum is an impulse category that generates high profit.
Place your free display near the checkout counter for maximum visibility.

Candy Sales are Sweet

  • Chocolate accounts for approximately 41% of total confection and has grown 4.81%.
  • Non-chocolate growth continued in 2013, and it now accounts for 12% of the total confection category.

Source: CSP Daily News January 2014

Make Sure Gum is Good to Go

Only 31% of gum purchases are planned, and 66% of purchases are for immediate consumption. As a leading impulse item, the best place for gum is on the checkout counter.

Source: Trident

Coffee Fuels Snack Sales

Would you like extra sales with that? Forty-five percent of customers who purchase coffee between 6 and 10 a.m. also purchase a donut, sweet roll, snack cake, cookie, sandwich or gum.

Source: Mintel, University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index NPD 2010, CSP Heat Map Study 9/11, 2012 Cygnus Business Media

Food is Good for Business

With 5.5% growth in 2013, foodservice sales continue to be a driving force for C-store profits. Prepared food leads the way at a 9.5% increase in sales.

Source: Convenience Store News Market Research, 2014.

Clean Facilities Can Make Yours the Go-to Store

Sixty-four percent of customers surveyed say unpleasant restroom facilities will keep them from returning. A daily restroom checklist and follow-through can build customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Source: Convenience Store Decisions February 2014

Pass on Savings and Win More Business

Sam’s Club® gives you the built-in advantage of competitive pricing, which is the most important consideration when smokers choose a store. Since 2011, price sensitivity has become even more critical to smokers.

Source: Retail Experience Study, October 2012

Grow sales with packaged discounts

Try up-selling customers by offering two bottles of water at a discount. It’s a proven method of success, particularly in summer months.

Keep it clean

A well-maintained bathroom can encourage more street traffic, and more money spent at the register.

Pump up merchandising to combat rising
fuel costs

With rising fuel costs and inflation, customers have less to spend in your store. That’s why merchandising has never been more important. Find easy and impactful merchandising tips at SamsClub.com/business.

One Business Membership. Eight ways to save.

With a Sam’s Club Business Membership, you can add up to eight additional employee Memberships, multiplying your ways to save.

Keys to scaling up candy sales

  • Position candy in the front or in a high-traffic aisle.
  • Use secondary positions in foodservice or beverage areas.
  • Place a multiple-vendor display on the candy aisle or by the door.

Samples = Sales

Offering samples of an item in your store can create an impulse purchase, a major factor in a number of strong C-store categories.

How independent C-stores can stay competitive

Consider what your competitors charge when setting prices. You can compete by lowering prices on some items and make up the losses by charging more on other items. Or try bundling a for-sale product with another item at regular price.

Drive sales at eye level

Keep your main product supply at eye level to watch them fly off the shelves.

Reach more customers with e-mail, for free

Simply collect business cards in a fishbowl and save their e-mail addresses. With a database, you can send promotional information, coupons and more — for free.

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